ERP system for FMCG companies

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About Project

For almost 10 years we have been part of development team which creates application for sales representatives. This application is used by companies like Nestlé, Unilever and PepsiCo. Solution is following corporate business security guidelines and high end IT trends. Application is fully configurable for specific needs of each country that is used in. It has more than 200 complex screens.

Target group

SFA application is used for FMCG sales representative. It helps monitor product in shelves, fill forms, create orders, returns and goods compensations. It helps sales representative to be more effective in work.


Technology:Android Java, Xamarin, C# .NET, MS SQL, ASP.NET, REST, Mongo DB, BPMN, MetroUI, sqlite4java, Spring RestTemplate
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows 8, Windows Server
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Client says:

All growing software companies will face at some point a nice problem to have: The number of requests coming from customers for development work in the products are surpassing the capacity of the internal development team. And while this is an opportunity to increase the revenue produced by the product, quite often the executives are scratching their heads trying to find the people to do the job. And here is where 3oSoft has proven its value to AFS: They have provided an elastic capacity to suit even the most demanding moments (for instance, the capacity of a dedicated team was doubled in a matter of weeks, to cover for an extremely complex project that required a high level of expertise), the level of knowledge of their resources is beyond expectations and they prove to understand very well all projects even from a business perspective. 3oSoft is not your typical software factory, in which people comes and goes and there is no consistency in the final delivery. They take great pride on the quality they deliver consistently, and it is always comforting to see the same team members being engaged in several initiatives over time. 3oSoft is a fundamental piece for our continued Product growth strategy. It is one of our most trusted partners and for all effects they work as a natural extension of our own development team.

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Andres Jejen

Product Management Director – Retail Execution and DSD AFS Technologies

Project manager says:

All of our experience and knowledge were put into test on project for AFS. We had no experience with development in this scale and many decisions had agile character. At the begining we changed almost all of our internal processes for development and testing. We got inspiration from different agile methodologies and cherry-picked approaches that suit our team and project the best. Opportunity to grow as company not only in manners of technological and comunication skills but also in team members count was great, but also it was challenge to keep up quality to our standards. International scope of this project gave us opportunity to grow in communication every day, but also let us see how our partners work and learn from them.
Ivan Janovic,

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Ivan Janovic

3oSoft Scrum Master






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