Healtcare application for well-being

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About Project

Complex solution that connect patient, doctor and insurance company in health care. Patient is collecting data about his health status and share it through NFC to his personal doctor or dedicated health specialist. Solutions consist of mobile application, web frontend for doctors and web frontend for insurance company. Each week servers analyze collected data and create health predictions and help prevent patient form hypertension or diabetes.

Target group

Potential customers for thus solution are small private health clinic. With this application they can take care and watch progress of their clients.


Technology: Xamarin, C# .NET, MS SQL, REST, jQuery, Withings API, FitBit API, Google Fit API
Platform: Android, iOS, Windows Server
Web: Click Here

Client says:

If you are looking for a fresh result-oriented team with a strong motivation and great insights, do not hesitate to work with the 3oSoft team. You will be surprised how efficiently and creatively your ideas will be transformed to real products.

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Dagmar Ceľuchová Bošanská

Consultant, CareWave

Project manager says:

This project is a first project from the point of view of mobile applications, where we could use Xamarin multiplatform technology in which we developed Android and iOS apps. At the same time, the project includes a massive backend that gave us a very valuable experience with the development of REST services. We gained a great insight in e-health sector as well.

client obrazok

Matej Putnok

Software Architect






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