IoT solution for inner pool dehumidifiers

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About Project

Application for controlling external humidity unit. This project consists of two main parts. One is mobile application and other is micro-controller, which controls whole humidity unit. Application is using MQTT a cutting edge IoT protocol for controlling humidity unit.

Target group

Any industry that needs to connect and control devices using IoT.


Technology: Xamarin.Forms, MQTT, ASP.NET MVC
Platform: Android, IoT
Web: Click Here

Client says:

Microwell's 3oSoft collaboration can be evaluated as flexible and constructive. Although it is a comprehensive solution in terms of architecture of the architectural components of the system and the complexity of the developed hardware, together with 3oSoft we have delivered a quality solution that also meets the prerequisites for further development of our customer.

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Daniel Martauz

Executive manager

Project manager says:

The Microwell project is exceptional becasue we have seen the development of IoT (internet of things). It has given us the opportunity to develop a unique architecture where we used advanced technologies such as Xamarin.Forms and MQTT protocol. The project was very varied, and it has given us a lot of experience with designing a complex system of communication between the hardware components of the project and the software components.

client obrazok

Matej Putnok

Software Architect






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